crystal structure of graphiteBetween non-lubricated bearing planes the solid lubricant has a smoothing effect ( yield smoothing ); it fills the roughness deepenings and covers them with a thin, hard, durable and continuously renewing lubricating film.

At a recommended surface quality of the shaft (steel) with a roughness dept of Ra ≤ 0,8 and a plain bearing bore hole (bronze) of Ra ≤ 1,2 the micro-roughness which are necessary for the tool life of the lubricating film are formed.

In the starting phase the inlet film, which is applied by the company, prevents the peaks on the surfaces from squeezing against each other or from interfering into the cavities of the mating material.

The micro abrasion caused by the operation of the bearings (load and slip velocity) is pressed into the solid lubricant depots with the effect that the lubricant which was released by displacement fills the micro roughnesses.

The emerging solid lubricant film divides the two slip partners permanently and with a low frictional value, a minimum abrasion and a long life.

Even under high static loads the frictional coefficient is strongly reduced when starting which avoids dry running as well as welding (corrosion).

reservoir ofsolid lubricantsschematic representation of friction