about us

SL Gleitlagertechnik GmbH concerns itself with the development, construction and distribution of self-lubricating, maintenance-free plain bearings of metal, metal alloys, sintered-powder metal alloys, plastics and combinations of these materials.

The product range of our company includes conventional plain bearings on bronze basis with lubricating pins and various lubricant combinations, depending on application, as well as newly developed products with 99,9 per cent super clean and chemically neutral graphite in order to avoid electrolytic corrosion as it may occur for instance with the use of natural graphite which has rest solvents.

The company SL Gleitlagertechnik GmbH supplies worldwide and take an interest in Export more than 60%.

Special products are slide bearings made of high-purity nickel with dry lubricant for the chemical industry for use in aggressive media and radioactivity, and high-temperature plain bearings which are used under certain operating conditions at temperatures of up to 850 °C.

For environmental reasons the sintered-powder metal alloys and the lubricants do not contain lead or components of other heavy metals.