SLW-20N - maintenance-free washer

washer with solid lubricants

SLW maintenance-free washer


SLW maintenance-free washer
inner diameter (d)
outer diameter (D)
thickness (T)


without fixing holes

Material Group

SLGL 5001 - Bronze Plain Bearings

SL-plain bearings with lubricating pins

on bronze basis with lubricating pins, without glue (cyanide), non-toxic, suitable for foodstuffs.

Material: CuZn25Al5

also with different alloys available upon request

Application Data

max. load
pay attention to the max. PV value
  • 493 kN
  • stat.
  • 197 kN
  • dyn.
max. sliding velocity
pay attention to the max. PV value
  • dry
  • 0,5 m/s
max. PV value
  • dry
  • 1,5 MPa m/s
temperature range
  • -100 up to +250 °C
  • up to +430 °C
  • upon request